" Protecting our TruTh.

  We Live in the Music! "    



At The Mink Media Franchise WE Kick Walls... to either eliminate boundaries or make boundaries give-way to the extent that media creatives have room to freely create, operate, and prosper. We simply provide the pillars, focused teams, trail blazers, innovation, and unrelenting progress needed to make the new Machine more like Voltron than Optimus Prime (Composed by many instead of by one). At ~The Haven~ Our culture is "Excellent Love" because your Love's flow meets resistance where your excellence lacks. After that, one only excels at false realities once their Love's flourish is cumbered.

"Blowing Minds... with media...

by making Love the only Barrier...

& Excellence the ONLY Standard."



The Mink Media Franchise is a vertically integrated multimedia marketing and communications agency. "The Mink" is an ensemble of artist (writers​, performers, producers, composers, musicians, photographers, film makers, etc.) and any other force required for the creation, performance, production, manufacturing, distribution, promotion, expansion, insulation, and protection of the veracity of the stories transmitted via audio visual content. We aim to be a home for independent artist, producers, film producers, music labels, and much more who produce original content and help them share their stories in their truest forms to the audience around the world that is looking for artistic and creative content that hasn't been mutated by the goals set to appease stockholders. Our marketing strategist help protect, evolve, and connect the most authentic and talented creatives with the audience who wants to discover them. We provide our creatives and artistic partners with branding, promotion, various forms of marketing, and consultation to help them realize and understand who their audience is.


At The Mink Multimedia Franchise we are dedicated to our mission of being “THE HAVEN” for all genres and genre-less music, videos, films,and news. We exist as a company to protect the creator of the story from powers opposing them purely because of not liking what they say or their truth. We protect Content creator from bureaucracy, vultures, etc.. "The Mink" facilitates the distribution of these stories of various formats and media types in their purest form because we own insulated and vertically integrated channels of distribution, and enable the content creators to prosper from his/her work in a holistic manner so that they may flourish and the world along with them.


"The Haven"

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